About The Church of Christ

The church of Christ on Carver Road has been meeting in this neighborhood for over twenty years. During that period fo time it has stood as a constant reminder of the goodness and power of God. Weekly, men and women, and children have been able to gather and to be involved in spiritual activities that help us all to live better lives in Christ Jesus.


Jesus Christ is the founder and head of the church (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 1:22, 23)

Understanding this, the church of Christ does not trace its origin back to other founders; Jesus Christ died for, shed his blood for, and purchased the church (Ephesians 5:26ff). The church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus as the chief corner stone (Ephesians 2:22).


The way to salvation is through obedience to Jesus Christ.

One hears the gospel and obeys through belief, repentance, confession and baptism into Jesus Christ. In baptism, God adds all who believe to Christ and His body, filling the obedient with His Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38, Acts 5:32, Acts 18:8, Galatians 3:26, 27).


When anyone visits the church of Christ on Carver Road, he finds God being worshipped in ways that God prescribes in His holy word. We all sing to teach and to admonish one another (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16). If you have visited us, you know that all are encouraged to join in singing and praising God. We sing praises to God with grace and melody in our hearts.


Not only do all participate in praising God with their voices, the church of Christ also observes the communion, the Lord's Supper, every Sunday (Acts 20:7). God's children are encouraged to remember and reflect on the body and blood of Christ every first day of the week. We do this together to reflect on the unity we have in Jesus through the great sacrifice he made for us all.


The church of Christ on Carver road has male preachers, pastors, and teachers in the general assembly.

In accordance with the Scripture, we do not teach that the Bible is no longer relevant when it states that women are not to teach nor usurp authority over the man (I Timothy 2:11, 12). This practice distinguishes the church as the pillar and ground of the truth, and not just another religious organization (I Timothy 3:15). We encourage our readers to understand that our goal is to be in obedience to God and His word, and not to be in the propagandists for any human social policy or mandate to be politically correct.


Women are actively involved in the ministries of the church.

The walk in the traditions of Tabitha who ministered to widows, and was full of good works and almsdeeds (Acts 9:36-41); in the tradition of Aquila who worked side by side with her husband, bringing others to understand the gospel (Acts 18:24-26); and in the tradition of Phoebe, a servant of the church that was in Cenchrea, laboring much with those who spread the gospel (Romans 16:1, 2).


The church of Christ is a fellowship of people who believe in strengthening the family, from the womb to the tomb. We believe God would want many of our neighbors to be able to share in what we have to offer the community.


A commitment to God our Father as He has revealed himself through His Son, Jesus Christ, and as He lives in us through His Holy Spirit.


A loving fellowship of people who are concerned about the spiritual well being of all people in their families.


Sound Bible preaching and teaching that is based on the word of God


A youth ministry that serves our young people; serving both children and teens


Teaching that respects the lives of our senior members


A vibrant and active fellowship of singles and young adults


Outreach that believes all men and women, regardless of their pasts, are extended the opportunity to be born again, and to enjoy salvation


Choral groups for all ages, glorifying God with A cappella music


You're Always Welcome to Be With Us!